We have started to install our curbing!

Starting on 11/14/2016 we poured a sample curb on the first turn of our karting course. 

Keep in mind that this curbing, while the same profile, is on a smaller scale for the karting course. The road course will have a 24" positive curb that flattens out to a 18" flat back section. The overall rise will be 4" over the 24" postive section. 

We have approximately 4000' of curbing to install plus the karting area. We have estimated about 400' a day depending on weather conditions. Right now they are setting up the forms on some of the key turns. We will be concentrating on Turn 2, 7, 12, 13 and 15 first and foremost as we are hoping to pave the apron behind these curbing areas to help with erosion control. We added the brushed finish to the curbing for added grip and texture. 

Here are a couple more photos.