Armco and Curbing Is Moving Right Along.

Armco installtion is moving right along. We now have Armco in place on the hardest parts to install the fencing. Meaning the bedrock down below. This was thought to be some of the most time consuming areas due to the rock and ledge and the fencing company has made great progress in these areas. The picture above is drivers left on Turn 12 and 13. This armco is now in place from Turn 10 all the way down to the entrance of the Main paddocks along Pit Lane. 

We actually have two seperate crews working at opposite ends of the course for fencing. The other crew was armco stretching from Turn 1 just about up to Turn 5. They should be connected later today (June 19th, 2017). From there they have all of Driver's Left armco in place along the back straght. 

Apex curbing is in on Turns 1,2,3,4,5, part of 6, 7,12,13,14 and 15. We have the rest of Turn 6 to pour then, Turn 8, 9a, 9b and 10. After that we will be pourng the exit curbing and all of the karting course curbing. 

To some it might seem odd that we have the curbing poured in an seemingly random order but we can assure you that there is a method to our madness. We have some aprons we want to pave to help with erosion and watershed, so we had these curbing areas done first. There are also some areas where we have a slotted drain running along the curbing to help catch and control waterflow to the correct areas during rainfall. We have since had some showers and we are happy to report that it work better than intended. 

Here are a few shots of the curbing besides what you saw above in some of the aerials. More photos to come in the near future. We are hoping to pave the aprons later this week.

We still have a fair amount of work to do but things are progressing very well. We are slotted to offically open later this August.